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The objective of this activity is to capitalize on the existing and to anticipate the future, whether in terms of tools, skills, work methods and organization.

The document library of Lumoj

The first collective work written with more than 100 French startups

Lumoj is pleased to share the publication of the book Innovations RH, Passer en mode digital and agile aux éditions Dunod. The book is co-signed by Michel Barabel, Jérémy Lamri, Olivier Meier and Boris Sirbey.


The first book that summarizes the vision of employment and human resources brought by startups RH Tech.

How will we work tomorrow? Is the development of digital technologies a threat to employees? Does it allow companies to improve their performance by putting people and innovation at the center of the game?

Look no further for answers, find them: here !

Previous Lab RH publications
  • Grand livre de la formation, Dunod 2016 –  Available here
  • Participation in the book Generation French Tech 2017. An initiative of SNCF Développement, The 1000 that make the French economy of tomorrow – Downloadable here!

The research pole

Combining theoretical and applied research: discover the research pole of Lumoj!
  • The axis «theoretical research» aims first to establish an overview of research topics in human relations. Then, it aims to organize a watch on the major societal issues of today, guided by the community of Lumoj, and news. Finally, this watch will help to question the scientific models, to propose methods as innovative as efficient while carrying the values ​​of Lumoj, and to take part in the public debates on access to employment.
  • The axis « applied research » aims, on the other hand, to develop experiments, and (co) built the needs of members of Lumoj. Then, it will develop the visibility of the ecosystem of Lumoj, through the publication of press and scientific articles. Finally, it aims to animate the community of Lumoj, through a privileged exchange between
    researcher (s) / startup (s) / social and professional integration organizations / HR innovators and training / economic actors / public services.


They will all help develop the organization of both Lumoj and the Lab RH, through reflections on the uses and information sharing of members of Lumoj and Lab RH.

Lumoj and the HR Lab will regularly organize collaborative events around upcoming topics in the world of employment, training, human resources and equal opportunities and treatment.


Lumoj regularly organizes collaborative events around upcoming topics in the world of employment, training, work, human resources management, equality of opportunity and treatment.