Share Tank : Exchange and sharing between members

Discover the Share Tank, one of the three pillars of Lumoj

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Using the power of the collective to generate ideas and put in motion the acquired, is a major mission.
To ensure the sustainability of the collective, it is essential to bring value to everyone.

Sharing ratio

To bring together companies that sometimes compete, we had to innovate and find a fair system for all. So, we set up a sharing ratio, a kind of collaborative virtual currency.

The goal of the sharing ratio is threefold :

  1. Encourage sharing of information between members
  2. Ensuring fairness in putting members forward
  3. Valorize the involvement of members in Lumoj

Thus, each new member is given a basic sharing ratio (the same for all), which evolves according to the resources it uses from Lumoj (cost of points), and the ones he brings (gain points).

It is necessary to maintain a certain ratio to continue to benefit from Lumoj’s resources.

Example of sharing ratio

  • A member brings a commercial lead or takes advantage of his technology: he earns points.
  • A member participates in a training offered by Lumoj: he pays with his points.

Lumoj will shine in Belgium in 2018!

Lumoj brille en Belgique !

Lumoj has large-scale events on its agenda to promote innovation, and to put forward as much as possible its members and partners.

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