The members and partners of Lumoj

The incubator of human and technological innovation

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Through a triple logic of reflection, action and sharing, The HR Lab is a nerve center for HR innovation, where startups, established companies, institutional players, and individuals who build organizations and companies meet every day.
Each member pays an annual fee corresponding to his status.

Strategic Partners

Some organizations want to accelerate their transformation and be closer to those who understand it best. In return for funding that is specific to each partnership, Lumoj offers them tailor-made collaboration, dedicating and coordinating ecosystem resources to their strategic issues.
Strategic partners can be major players in the ecosystem or in the management of big companies.

SU & MSC’s

SME’s & Big companies

Lumoj works with decision makers in many organizations to help them transform their digital tools, skills, processes and culture. Through consulting missions or highlighting of startups, social and professional integration, and many innovators, these decision-makers can take up sustainable development challenges and highlight their social responsibility, thanks to a laboratory dedicated to their stakes.

In collaboration with Lumoj, an organization:

  • Will be connected to the ecosystem of human and technological innovation: invitations to Lumoj’s events and workshops. On a Lumoj event, there are 20 to 200 innovative players.
  • Will have access to the cartography of human and technological innovation: Providing the cartography of the ecosystem of human and technological innovation in Belgium and France, with more than 300 identified solutions.
  • Will benefit from innovation monitoring and foresight: Through collaborative intelligence tools, Lumoj offers its members quality information on the human relations value chain, the evolution of organizations, managerial innovation and productions related to the Lumoj’s Think Tank.
  • Will participate in working together with startups: Lumoj identifies and selects the
    most relevant entrepreneurs to address current topics to organize and coordinate
    work sessions.
  • Will participate in working together with the actors of social and professional integration: stimulate new dynamics through the implementation of new projects developed in partnership with HR & training innovators, with an appropriate expertise.



In its French part, leading institutional players support Lumoj’s collaborative innovation approach, and solicit the association and its members on high-level societal issues, the modernization of the public service, digital access and training and employment. On the Belgian side, similar partnerships are being promoted.

Schools, Universities & Laboratories

Many HR and training innovators as well as social professionals come from specialized training. To ensure renewal and innovation within organizations, it is fundamental to support futuristic training to connect them to the professionals of technological innovation.

Recruitment and consulting firms

Status Criteria Contributions/year

HR Innovators Circle

Calendar annual membership

Amateur innovators


Organization in creation

Legal person ( non-profit organization, self-employed people…)







Members bringing an HR innovation

Calendar annual membership

Legal person <2 years or foreign company

CA < 1M€ or < 5 employees

CA < 2M€ or < 10 employees

CA < 20M€ or < 100 employees

CA < 50M€ or < 250 employees




2 000€

5 000€

Schools, university & institutional laboratories

Annual membership from date to date

Schools, Universities, University laboratories


Community civil service

Federal public service

Regional public service

1 000€

3 000€

5 000€

10 000€

15 000€


Members looking for an innovation

Annual membership from date to date


CA < 20M€ or <100 employees

CA < 50M€ or <250 employees

CA < 1,5Mds€ or < 5k employees

CA > 1,5Mds€ or > 5k employees

2 000€

5 000€

10 000€

15 000

Strategic Partners & Sponsors. Sometimes not financial. Case by case
Consulting firms, recruitment agencies, HR consulting firms, HRIS, etc. Case by case