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Lumoj designs the transformation of organizations through collaborative action. By using the expertise of more than 1,500 experts in member organizations, it is possible to deliver unparalleled value to companies seeking tools and advice.

Research & development

Companies manage data on employees and beneficiaries of their services through sophisticated information systems, like HRIS, to name a few.
Payroll, rights, training, mobility, recruitment, are all necessary modules to manage all HR processes. The major actors of the HRIS offer tools are deployable worldwide and of a very high technicality. However, the low level of personalization can sometimes frustrate some HR directors and managers.

Lumoj offers HRIS actors and their customers the opportunity to connect all the HR startup solutions, which allow to massively inject innovation.

This project, named OPEN RH, is made possible by the consolidation of the ecosystem within Lumoj, supported by TalentSoft, a leader in innovative HRIS.


In support of all forms of organizations (from large companies to public services or to the non-profit organization), Lumoj operates as a consulting firm without consultants. After identifying a need and developing a response plan, Lumoj’s permanent associates involve the most relevant members for the current mission, and coordinate its successful accomplishment. Several missions have already been successfully carried out on this mode of operation, for groups such as Engie, Manpower, Axa, BPI Group to name a few.

  • Sensitization of the decision makers : to make the transformation sustainable, it is necessary to have the unconditional support of the organization’s governing bodies. Lumoj, through powerful interventions, ensures dialogue.
  • Transition maturity audit : it is only possible to improve sustainably what can be evaluated and measured. Whether through a digital maturity audit, or a maturity audit of the functions (tools, skills, processes, culture), this is the starting point of the action.
  • Startup Corner : startups have a mode of operation break with the classic modes. Immersion in a startup environment helps to better understand this culture of agility, while discovering innovative solutions.
  • Redefining candidate and collaborator experiences : attracting and retaining talent is key for organizations. Understanding and adapting market best practices can be very rewarding.
  • Challenge startup : to set an organization in motion, while working on the employer brand, setting up a startup challenge is an original and impacting step. Concretely, on behalf of any organization, Lumoj startups participate in a competition where the winners will become providers of innovative solutions, through experiments.
  • Open Innovation Program : support for the creation of an internal unit of open innovation, for a more agile culture oriented towards entrepreneurship.
  • Corporate Hacking Program : support for the networking and movement of internal actors of change, corporate hackers.
  • HRIS program : support in understanding the need for HR tools and processes to facilitate sustainable transformation.

Ongoing missions

Accomplished missions

Some examples of large companies for which Lumoj via the HR Lab and its members have carried out missions: